Software Solution for Museum Management

A museum software that adapt to your needs – not the opposite.

All in one

Cover all tasks of collection management and organization with one programm.


Data Quality

Increase the value of your collection by increasing the quality of your data. Detailed data are valuable data.


Efficient Tools

With the right tools you save much time allready when entering your data.


Comfort Search

Due to the comfortable search functions you get easily strong results.



Reduce your administrative burden to the neccessary minimum. So you have more time for the important things.


Free Download

Read now our report "One day with papyroMAXX PREMIUM".

No Problem with Data Migration

If you are still in the evaluation phase or if you have already decided for papyroMAXX PREMIUM, we would like to inform you about the data migration process.

This step in the prior concideration often seems to be an issue. 

Almost Everything can be Imorted

All data that can be read out on another system can also be imorted in papyroMAXX PREMIUM. By using a mapping, data and content can be matched and the old data base is transfered to the new software.

Experienced Specialists

Our staff has a high level of experience in this field. We like to explain to you how it's done.

Familiar Outlook-Client

For a more convinient operation you can use the Outlook-Client of papyroMAXX PREMIUM. If you use Outlook as Email-Client anyway, you don't have to leave familiar work enviroment. papyroMAXX PREMIUM integrates seamlessly into the Outlook user interface. It provide all features available in the browser.

  • Emails, Tasks and appointments can be directly related to objects, loan system or exhibitions.

  • Trace the communication to a person or a museum.

  • Use the offline funktion.