Our Intelligent Hosting Solution

Software as a Service (SaaS), the intelligent tie between our software solution and including services. Available online as a subscription model.

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The Advantages of SaaS

Due to keeping data in central location your data is always available online independent of time and place. Yor mobility will increase without disadvantages in cooperation. The solution adjusts flexibility with short terme bookable and terminate packages according to your needs. You only pay for the required process of your operations and number of employees.

Our service is dedicated specialy to museums with a low number of staff, because often they don't have enough ressources to maintain the software. Also in many cases there is not enough budget to purchase the expensive hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding SaaS

These are some of the most important reasons to choose the SaaS Solution:

> You don't want to commit in the long term.

> An investment with high costs is not possible.

> You don't have a sufficient IT enviroment to ensure operation and maintenance.

You don’t have to purchase any software as we are keeping data in a central location. Instead of a one-time purchase you pay a monthly fee which includes all services.

All you need is a PC and an Internet Connection. This means, you have excess to your data wherever you are. In a museum, from home or on your way.

We take care about data security, maintenance, etc.. The number of users can be adjusted due to changing needs e.g. project specific.

We adopt the whole operation mode, backups and take care of necessary software updates.

> Technical support Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 5 PM

> Availability of support 24/7/365

We highly recommend a daily data backup with a storage time for restoring of 30 days.


Facts in terms of security

> 128 Bit SSL encoded connection

> Operating in the central high-security center in Berlin

> Access via password for every user

In case of the end of contract your data will return to you and we delete the original file without a trace. Also within the time of contract your data can be exported to an extern data carrier.

ePaper: This is how SaaS Works

Please read our ePaper "Hosting as flexible subscription model for museum software".